January 2023

Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

Happy New Year and welcome to the January 2023 edition of the Heritage Hub e-newsletter

Our wonderful volunteers contribute massively to Gloucestershire Archives and we are very grateful for the work they do.

At the thank you tea party held just before Christmas two films about Gloucester's Kindertransport hostel were shown. Read about the tea party and watch the films here.

We are also extremely grateful to the Friends of Gloucestershire Archives (FOGA) who continue to fundraise and buy documents for the Archives. To read about the latest FoGA purchases click on the link below.

The Heritage Hub will continue opening the first Saturday of each month providing themed events covering house history, literary archives, schooldays of the past and a focus on heritage careers. Visit the page here.

Experienced members of Gloucestershire Family History Society are also on hand on these Saturdays.

The popular Secrets Revealed online talks are continuing throughout 2023. The first of the year - 'Opening the door on house history' is this Wednesday, 25th at 1pm. Click the link below for more details.

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