Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

Gloucestershire Police Archives

What a busy year it has been for Gloucestershire Police Archives

This year we have attended 14 events with various sized displays and assorted paraphernalia, 3 evening talks have been given and we have answered 140 queries from right around the world.

Since the last newsletter we have attended 4 events

The 180th anniversary celebrations at the Heritage Hub attended by both the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime commissioner

The force carol service at Tewkesbury Abbey

The constabulary awards ceremony

An event hosted by the chief constable for the Honourable Company

We are still working on a number of projects. We have made some progress in the mammoth task of identifying police stations and houses, we are working on listing the personnel files that we have on hand and making it easier for us to find what information they contain and to answer queries about people’s police ancestors. My favourite task is following the twists and turns that are often thrown up when a query is received or items are donated. We have been given photographs that have been rescued from a skip many years ago and kept safely as well as things donated by former officers. We are still working on expanding our collar number list that helps us identify officers in photographs and we continue to build our database that is now above 10,000 documents, photographs and artefacts.

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