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Saturday events in the Heritage Hub

We in Gloucestershire Family History Society were delighted to contribute to the first two Saturday events in the Heritage Hub and are eagerly anticipating the sessions arranged for the coming months. 

Few things can beat the excitement of meeting new people, listening to their family history stories and maybe helping them to push forward with their research.  It is a privilege to chip away at seemingly unsurmountable ‘brick walls’ and few things beat the excitement of nailing that elusive ancestor or unravelling that tangled web of family relationships or secrets.

One of the best things about the Saturday events is that they allow a completely different group of people to visit the Hub and discover more about Gloucestershire’s history.  We’re very aware that some folk just don’t have time during the working week, so we’re pleased to offer them this opportunity.  The Centre’s resources aren’t restricted to Gloucestershire but cover the UK and the wider world so it doesn’t matter if your roots don’t lie in Gloucestershire - come along and we’ll see what we can find.

Another benefit of the Saturday opening is that it is easier for other family members to get involved.  Researching family history is often a multi-generational activity, so an interest in the past is sparked by a casual question from a child, grandchild or even great-grandchild about old family photos or an item which has come down the generations.  It is good to involve them in all the thrills of discovering more about their past and great to have someone to brainstorm with when/if it all gets a bit tricky. 

The same applies if you’re interested in the people who lived in your house or area, rather than your own family.  You might have some old photos or deeds which inspire you to find out more about them and their lives.  Drop into the Centre and we’ll see what we can help you find.


If you’re interested in all things history and heritage you might consider coming to one of our free online evening talks.  We welcome non-GFHS members and details are available on our website:  We have a fascinating programme lined up for the rest of 2022 and you won’t need to leave the comfort of your own sofa!

For Saturday Event dates visit the Heritage Hub website.

Please note the Family History Centre is open from 10am on Saturday Event days.

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