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Gloucestershire Archives: Secrets Revealed

You Rang M’Lord? Historic Houses & Country Estates of South Gloucestershire

Wednesday 28 July. 1 - 2pm. Free of charge

This presentation will look at the records of some of the great country houses of South Gloucestershire. These powerhouses were often key players in national politics and while the personal records of the families and their relations tend to receive most of the attention, we’ll be looking at the more mundane elements – the unseen archives that show what lay behind the grand mansions and what allowed them to function at an everyday level, how their country estates were managed and how they could dominate local life.

These estates often left behind a wealth of archives including building plans, images, numerous sets of accounts and various other records – so we will hopefully find a bit of everything from the Lord’s lunch down to the laundry maid’s clothes pegs.

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Centurions, Kings & Captains: Exploring the History of Kingsholm

Wednesday 25 August, 1 - 2pm. Free of charge

This history includes a diverse range of subjects, from Roman fortresses, Anglo-Saxon palaces, agriculture, highwaymen, industrial manufacturing and much more. This presentation will take a broad look at this fascinating past to discover what a rich history it has with ancient burials, tanneries, turnpikes, vinegar works, hot air balloons, car showrooms and much more!

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Frontiers & Pioneers in Gloucestershire’s Archives

Wednesday 22 September, 1 - 2pm. Free of charge

Archives are a box of delights and there’s always something new to discover.  Here in Gloucestershire we’ve had lots of pioneers who’ve pushed back frontiers in all aspects of life, including Budding, Bradley, Jenner, Paul, Pitman, Tyndale, Raikes, Pedersen and for some reason a lot of people with ‘W’ surnames, such as Whittington, Wilson, Whittle and Wheatstone.  This presentation is a rather eclectic mix that will look advances in medicine, engineering, music, travel, social reform and aviation that in various ways originated in the county and feature things ranging from diving bells to balloons and adjustable spanners to toilets!

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This monthly series of leisurely lunchtime learning sessions are great for those who are new to learning about the past and for those passionate about history, keen to expand their knowledge on a given subject in a focused session.

Led by experts at Gloucestershire Archives they are easy to digest, laced with humour and full of headline facts and context information ready to unlock an the secrets of a time gone by.

Secrets Revealed are live Zoom seminars that bring together a community of people with a shared interest in history, heritage, culture and their importance in today’s world.

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Gloucestershire Archives: Passport to the Past

Bugs, Bees and Books: A day at Gloucestershire Archives

Wednesday 4 August, 4 - 5pm. Free of charge

You might already know about our 11 million documents going back 900 years. Maybe you’ve heard about our 10 miles of shelves. But you might not know about the buzziest members of the archives team, or some of the tiny unwelcome visitors we have to deal with.

Find out why this little chap is an archivists worst enemy....


...the surprising history of Raikes the Archive Rat

...and why you don’t have to be superhuman to move a ton of books with one finger.

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The Worst Journey in the World

Wednesday 8 September, 4 - 5pm. Free of charge

Can you imagine seeing this advertisement in the newspaper and thinking "Yes! I'll do it!"

Edward Wilson, a young doctor from Cheltenham, joined the expedition to the Antarctic in the year 1910 - and never came back. At that time, nothing was known about this frozen land. Like the moon in 1969, no-one had ever set foot there. It took as much courage to climb aboard the Terra Nova expedition ship as it did into Apollo 11, 60 years later. Wilson didn’t survive the voyage - but many of his beautiful drawings and paintings did.

Wilson learned to draw as a young child, and practised on the birds, plants and animals he saw in the Gloucestershire countryside. We’ve borrowed some taxidermy specimens (stuffed animals) to have a go at drawing animals from life and we’re going to focus on some of the skills and qualities a modern-day explorer might need.

"The great ice barrier - looking east from Cape Crozier". Watercolour by Edward A Wilson, 4 January 1911

Where would you like to explore?

What would you take with you?

How would you record your discoveries for future generations?

For this session you’ll need some pencils and paper.

For every monthly Passport event, we create new resources which can be used during the session. These will appear on the Passport to the Past: fun activities and resources for families and schools page at least 48 hours before each event takes place giving you time to print them off. This link will also be sent to you a couple of days before the event takes place.

f you can’t print off the pages for the session, please don’t worry! We will display the pages on the screen during the event and all your child will need is a couple of pages of blank paper and a pen or pencil.

Please note that there are other pages listed as downloads which you can also print and enjoy in your own time if you want to do so.

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Gloucestershire Archives: Training Event

Explore Your Neighbourhood with Know Your Place

Wednesday 11 August, 1 - 2pm. Free of charge

In August’s training session we will learn how to use Know Your Place West of England.

This free online research tool lets you explore your neighbourhood online through old maps, archive images and other linked information.  You can add your own images and research too, creating a community layer for your neighbourhood.

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Past talks now on You Tube

Missed a talk first time around? Loved it so much you want to watch it again?

Here's an opportunity to watch them all at your leisure.

Secrets Revealed

The Census: Secrets Revealed: The Census - YouTube

Victorian Schools: Secrets Revealed: Victorian School Records - YouTube

Passport To The Past

Making Sense of the Census: Passport to the Past: Making Sense of the Census - YouTube

Victorian Schools: Passport to the Past: Victorian School Experience - YouTube

Newspapers: Passport to the Past: Read All About It! - YouTube

Training event: Lost Schools of Gloucester - YouTube

Keep an eye on the website as more talks are being added.


Mr James and Mrs Bullas coming soon to a screen near you!

Museum of Gloucester

CommUNITY exhibition at the museum...

See and hear the people of Gloucester

Co-Curated by Rider Shafique [Exhibition in Community Gallery]

“Community to me means to have a common unity, a common goal and objective. I want to create or rekindle this unity that I personally feel Gloucester at times lacks especially in the sense of feeling represented or reflected in some of Gloucester's long-standing attractions or institutions. I am interested in working alongside the Museum of Gloucester in starting to reflect a wider, more diverse and a more accurate face of Gloucester."

“Who is the Museum for? It’s for the community isn’t it? So why shouldn’t they be represented in a place that is for them?” Rider Shafique

For more information visit

“A Life in Lockdown”: Memories of Covid-19 in Gloucestershire…

The Museum of Gloucester invited everyone in the county to capture their memories of #Gloucestershire during the period of #lockdown, for an exhibition titled ‘A Life in Lockdown’

Online for the foreseeable future a-life-in-lockdown-exhibition/


Museum of Me

Fact or fiction? Pioneer or Prevaricator? How do museums tell stories with objects? How do we know that these stories are true? Could objects and artefacts be interpreted differently or used to tell a different story? Are these spaces inherently biased? Who decides what stories are told in the Museum of Gloucester? Workshops and spaces for you to share your stories will be held during the History Festival. Using current displays for provocation, your objects can be exhibited or photographed for the Museum of Me. For dates and more info visit:

Sat 4 - 19 September.

For more information about the exhibition, events and Museum opening hours visit

Gloucester History Festival September 2021

A theme for a year of significant anniversaries

2021 sees a multitude of significant anniversaries both close to home and further afield. These anniversaries mark frontiers and pioneers of all kinds, inspiring a festival full of stories of crossing boundaries, new discoveries, changes and advancements of the past.


For full programme details including City Voices events and booking information visit

To discover more about the pioneers featured on the history festival artwork visit


Dorothea Beale - suffragist, teacher, educational reformer and author

Gloucester History Festival: The 2021 Winstone Talk

Anne Boleyn and The History of England's Queens

Leading historian and broadcaster Tracy Borman explores the intriguing life of Anne Boleyn and the history of English Queens from the Tudors to the Windsors.

The British monarchy has weathered the storms of rebellion, revolution and war that brought many of Europe’s royal families to an abrupt and bloody end, yet often spearheading seismic change it is an extraordinary survivor. Join her as she explores the history of the British monarchy through the lives of some of its most powerful women. Tracy Borman is a bestselling historian and TV broadcaster specialising in the Tudor period and is joint Chief Curator of Historic Royal Palaces. Her new book Crown & Sceptre exploring the British monarchy from 1066 to the present day is published this autumn.

Following in the footsteps of Janina Ramirez, Roy Strong and Kate Adie, we’re thrilled that Tracy Borman is giving this year’s Winstone Talk in Cirencester – speaking just ten feet away from Cirencester Parish Church’s greatest treasure, the Anne Boleyn Cup, made for Henry VIII’s queen in 1535 and which can still be viewed at the Church today

Saturday 2 October, 6.30 - 7.30pm

Parish Church of St. John Baptist, Cirencester, GL7 2NX

To book your ticket visit 

The Winstone Talk is supported by The K D Winstone Charitable Trust

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