Summer 2020

Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

Welcome to the Summer 2020 edition of the Heritage Hub e-newsletter

The community garden has been thriving and looks stunning. And, even if we can't spend time in there the bees are loving it.



The Heritage Hub remains closed until further notice. Some staff continue in their redeployed roles, whilst others are busy working from home developing on-line resources, enhancing the archives catalogues,  undertaking risk assessments and making preparations for the service to re-open in due course.  Once we have a re-opening date we will announce it on our website, on social media and let volunteers and partners know. 

We hope you are all keeping well and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Heritage Hub in due course.



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Autumn newsletter copy deadline is midnight Tuesday 1 September 2020. Approx. 250 words with photos and a link to your own website. Delivery is early October 2020.

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