Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

Monthly Memories Café at Gloucestershire Archives

Sunday 7th July will be our fourth Memories Café here at the archives: the café is one of the new ways in which we are trying to reach out to people in our local community.

We had the idea when Kate O’Keefe (who runs our EVOKE reminiscence project) was in the midst of her Dementia Lead training last Autumn. Kate did some research and discovered that many people feel isolated and at a low ebb on a Sunday afternoon.

We’ve invited all our neighbours,  especially people in care homes and supported living communities in the area - and attendance is gradually building. The café offers free refreshments, a broadly ‘historical’ theme (with quizzes and activities) and musical entertainment which is provided by one of our regular archives customers. The staff and volunteers who run the café are Dementia Friends; committed to providing a safe, friendly and welcoming space for our customers. Our aim is simple: that people should have a happy and relaxed time with us and leave feeling cheerful and positive.

If you know someone who might benefit, or if you have time to spare on a Sunday afternoon once a month and would be interesting in volunteering at the café, please get in touch with Kate:


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