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Secrets Revealed: Newspapers

Supporting the NHS. Celebrating the success of the Coronavirus vaccine, the ease of social distancing and sporting results are the headline that occupy our newspapers today. But what stories dominated the newspapers of the past?

Wednesday 26 May, 1pm – 2pm. Free of charge

In today’s world, newspapers have taken a backseat as we flick from podcasts to social media, blogs, Google Alerts. But when newspapers were relied upon as the main source of communications, people not only wanted the news about international and national events – such as politics and wars – but also local news; corn prices, crimes, sailing times and local government. On top of this the local classifieds were huge and vitally important to the local economy.

This monthly series of leisurely lunchtime learning sessions are great for those who are new to learning about the past and for those passionate about history, keen to expand their knowledge on a given subject in a focused session.

Led by experts at Gloucestershire Archives they are easy to digest, laced with humour and full of headline facts and context information ready to unlock an the secrets of a time gone by.

Secrets Revealed are live Zoom seminars that bring together a community of people with a shared interest in history, heritage, culture and their importance in today’s world.

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