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Although we can't yet put up the new artwork created by illustrator, Imogen Harvey Lewis, we can however show you some photographs to give you a preview of this lovely new piece of artwork for the Heritage Hub. Imogen has spent the best part of three months creating the work which bears her unique signature style. The Donor Tree is bright, colourful and modern with Imogen's strong, clean graphic lines that we hope everyone will enjoy as they enter the Heritage Hub. 

The tree is made up of five main panels with added leaves and apples that give the tree a 3D effect.  Prema Arts Centre, Uley was able to offer Imogen studio space allowing her to complete the artwork.


The workspace Imogen occupied at Prema and Imogen laying out the Donor Tree on the studio floor.

The creating of the artwork had several stages beginning with the tree shape being cut out of birch ply followed by layers of paint and ink being built up to create the image.


Pieces laid out and the layers of the design gradually being added.

For her research Imogen ran workshops in Gloucester and Cheltenham, met with local people through various events at the Heritage Hub and talked to partners, volunteers and staff.


Some of the characters who inhabit the tree.

Mrs Jones the Archives' cat also features

Mrs Jones

The Donor Tree as well as being a unique and lovely work of art is also a way for Gloucestershire Archives to thank all of the people and organisations who donated money to help make the Heritage Hub a reality.


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