Special Edition - February 2021

Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

Welcome to this special edition e.newsletter

We are pleased to announce a new series of digital events which are available for you to enjoy on Zoom.

Free-of-charge for adults and children enabling you to explore your heritage despite the current lockdown restrictions.


The 1st Wednesday of each month, the Passport To The Past series is an after (home) school club for young people who are interested in History and the impact that it has today.

The 4th Wednesday of each month, the Secrets Revealed series is a leisurely lunchtime seminar ideal for those who are new to learning about the past and for those passionate about history, keen to expand their knowledge on a given subject in a focused session.


Both events take place live on Zoom and give you the chance to meet other people in a real-time experience and become part of a community.

“We have really missed seeing people at Gloucestershire Archives” says Sally Middleton, the Community Heritage Development Manager  at Gloucestershire Archives. “So, in order to ensure that we continue to serve our communities, we have launched this season of on-line events so that people can still come together to enjoy everything that the Archives can offer, despite being instructed to remain apart.”




The next full e.newsletter is due for delivery mid April 2021. Copy deadline is midnight Monday 15 March 2021. Approx. 250 words with photos and a link to your own website. kim.kenny2@gloucestershire.gov.uk

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April 2021 is the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Imjin River in which the Glosters (Gloucestershire regiment) played a key part. 

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