Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

South Gloucestershire Museums Group

South Gloucestershire Museums Group is an unincorporated association whose group members are museums and heritage centres that are open to the public and whose collecting area is wholly or partly within South Gloucestershire:

  • Acton Court
  • Aerospace Bristol (Bristol Aerospace Collection Trust)
  • Avon Valley Railway (Avon Valley Railway Trust)
  • Dyrham Park (National Trust)
  • Frenchay Village Museum (Frenchay Tuckett Society)
  • Kingswood Heritage Museum (Kingswood Heritage Museum Trust)
  • South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group (click here to see events)
  • Thornbury and District Museum (Thornbury and District Heritage Trust)
  • Rolls Royce Heritage Museum (Rolls Royce Heritage Trust)
  • Winterbourne Medieval Barn (Winterbourne Medieval Barn Trust) (click here to see events)
  • Yate and District Heritage Centre (Yate Town Council) (click here to see events)

The aims of the group is to promote inspiration, learning and enjoyment through the exploration of museum collections for the benefit of local communities and the general public.

The group meets about four times a year at different museums.

If you would like to read the Museum Development Officer's Report it is available online here

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