Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

Family History Update and News

Heather’s recent article about the successful completion of the For the Record project in June prompted us to reflect on how the project itself and the pandemic have affected GFHS.

What everyone notices when they arrive is the Family History Centre, by the main entrance to the Hub. This is a great improvement on our previous ‘homes’. Then there is the support the Hub partners offer to our Centre volunteers and to visitors - whatever the question there is usually someone who can help. We’re delighted that the relaxation of the Covid restrictions has allowed the coffee lounge to re-open - meeting other volunteers and researchers informally and just chatting is something we’ve all missed.


The Centre couldn’t work without our volunteers. A friendly face and suggestions based on practical knowledge are welcomed by all researchers whatever their experience and whether or not they have Gloucestershire roots. The volunteers have kept the Centre open despite everything the Covid regulations required to keep people safe. We’re delighted to extend the Centre opening hours again so from the beginning of October we plan to open all day, Tuesday to Friday. Please book a place on our website

The pandemic has encouraged us to do some things differently. We’ve introduced online talks and contributed to a FH ‘Zoomfair’ which have enabled us to connect with a world-wide audience.

You can find more about us, what we’re doing and what we’re planning for the future on our website.

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