Gloucestershire Heritage Hub


Artist talk

Julia O’Connell, textile artist, will talk about her work and the beautiful printed and stitched panels she has created for Gloucestershire Archives.

Saturday 6 October, 11.30am - 12.30pm (includes time for questions and answers) in the Frith room Gloucestershire Archives, Clarence Row, Alvin St., Gloucester, GL1 3DW.

This is a free event.


Discover how Julia created the five panels called Archive Five. Learn about her research and see her sketchbooks.

'People, memory and stories are the connecting thread in life's journey and having a unique access to these amazing archives was truly inspirational as I created the panels for the new public space.'

For more information about all the artists' activity contact Kim Kenny -

Apples @ the archives

Autumn means Apples so come along and explore the history of some of Gloucestershire's amazing orchards.

Saturday 6 October, 2pm - 4pm at the Dunrossil Centre, Gloucestershire Archives, Clarence Row, Alvin St., Gloucester, GL1 3DW.

This is a free event


Look at maps showing orchards, orchard plans, cider recipes and apple artwork.

Get creative and colourful with some arty apple activities and a few apple games!

Collection Care Training



Keeping Collection Care

 22nd October 2018 @ 10:30am – 15:30pm

An introduction to collection care.

You will learn to identify and protect against risks to your collection; understand and source archival enclosures; and appreciate a range of actions for protecting collections.

Link collection care activity to a helpful framework; prioritise collection care tasks; learn about trusted sources of help and advice, and about other support Gloucestershire Archives can provide.

Welcome 10:30

  • Basic skill building – useful tools, creasing and folding
  • Introducing yourself and your collection: Who, What, When, Why, Where, How?

Keeping: Introduction to Collection Care

  • Introducing ourselves
  • Establishing context: Why care for the collection?
  • Establishing a framework: Introduction to Benchmarks in Collection Care
  • Introduction to Collection Care action checklist

Links to Benchmarks in Collection Care 1. Policy

Keeping: Damage Prevention

  • Identifying risks to collections - introduction to 10 agents of deterioration
  • Material aging overview
  • Simple risk assessment
  • Handling ‘Top Ten’ tips
  • If disaster strikes
  • Damage Prevention action checklist

Links to Benchmarks in Collection Care 2 Buildings & Security, 5 Handling & Use, and 10 Emergency Preparedness    

Lunch 12:30 – 13:30     Great cafés nearby or bring your own

Keeping: Storage and Protection

  • Storage furniture
  • Archival quality materials – understanding & sourcing
  • Protective enclosures and Dos & Don’ts overview
  • Basic skill building – using the enclosures, folding and labelling
  • Storage and Protection action checklist

Links to Benchmarks in Collections Care 3 Storage


  • Q&A - This is the start of a journey - how can we help you on your way?
  • Small changes can achieve big results – what 3 things will you do first?
  • Award Certificate of attendance with record of sections of Benchmarks in Collection Care introduced
  • Your feedback to us

Finish around 15:30

Collection Care ‘pick & mix’ training modules

Tailored training linked to heritage sector benchmarks in collection care

As we were going to publication we learnt this course is now fully booked. We will run it again should enough people be interested. If you would like to express an interest and be put on the waiting list please email  


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