Autumn 2017

Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Heritage Hub newsletter

We’re delighted to report a status of ‘all systems go’ with the development of Gloucestershire Heritage Hub. Our growing Hub network is now bigger and stronger thanks to a very successful Gloucester History Festival.  We’re reaping the rewards of time invested in activities to progress the onsite Hub (making key interior design decisions, kick starting activities to produce art installations and liaising with builders to clear the critical path for our onward travel).  And we’re moving forward with plans to develop the virtual Hub. 

Our high profile in this year’s Gloucester History Festival grew out of the Archives’ involvement in Gloucester Heritage Forum, which is helping to deliver the Achieving Regeneration in the City through Heritage (ARCH) strand of the “Gloucester – a proud past: Culture at the heart of an ambitious future” project.

Blackfriars Priory was the focus for talks and workshops during the History Festival.   It was a particular privilege to teach folk how to read old handwriting in the 13th century scriptorium (originally used to write, copy or read old manuscripts).


Have a look at Heather’s ‘Festival Fizz’ article to discover more. 


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