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Daglingworth Polish resettlement camp

Readers might be interested in the story of Daglingworth Polish resettlement camp near Cirencester. Edward and Anna Lender both grew up in the camp and appear in the Daglingworth school registers held at Gloucestershire Archives. Edward has written the story of the camp which has been beautifully illustrated by his wife, Anna, an artist and published online at:

In this painting of the hut, the young Anna is shown together with her mother and stepfather.

 The Granville-Skarbek Anglo-Polish Cultural Exchange celebrates the contribution of the Polish diaspora, one of the largest community groups in the country, to British culture and society. It seeks to inspire, intrigue and surprise by sharing some unexpected stories of Anglo-British interactions. The project is named after Krystyna Skarbek a.k.a. Christine Granville, a Polish-Jewish countess, who became Britain’s first female SEO [Special Operations Executive] agent, and who saved countless lives as the longest-serving operative of WWII. Krystyna also penetrated into mainstream British culture as the inspiration for Bond character Vesper Lynd.

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