April 2023

Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

Welcome to the April 2023 edition of the Heritage Hub e-newsletter

Now the weather is improving, we encourage you to explore the Hub garden next time you visit, or better still, come and support our free Green Day event on Saturday afternoon (22nd April) for #Earthday.  

Halima Malek, community producer, enjoying the garden last year

One former colleague who will be spending more time in her garden now is Kim Kenny.  Kim joined Gloucestershire Archives as the project officer for the ‘For the Record’ transformation project and has edited this newsletter since it was created in 2016.  She also commissioned all the beautiful artwork at the Hub including the garden mosaics pictured above; ran many sessions for school children and other outreach events; helped organise the royal opening; and so much more.  Kim was a very popular colleague who will be much missed.

Please bear with the new editors as they learn the ropes, though we have Kim to thank for most of this edition.

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