New Year 2022 edition

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Hello and welcome to the January 2022 edition of the Heritage Hub e.newsletter


We are delighted that the Heritage Hub's new signage is now complete. Read more about it here.

We want to hear your stories.

At Gloucestershire Archives, we know that archives can make a difference to people’s lives. We traditionally capture this through customer and volunteer surveys and feedback from archive-inspired events, as well as the many unsolicited compliments and comments we receive. 

Now we’d like to share positive stories via a series of short films featuring you, our customers and volunteers.  So, if you’ve had an “archive encounter” with us which you’d like to share- whether it’s a surprising find, an emotional connection, or a new skill learnt-  please get in touch via  Come on, don’t be shy!




Spring newsletter copy deadline is Monday 21 March 2022 Approx. 250 words with photos and a link to your own website. Delivery late April 2022.

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More news

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